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Our next vendor comes from Wayne PA, she has a wide variety of things on her shop and we are super excited to have her here at artmore this year!
"What's better than wearing a rhinestone brooch and having everyone give you compliments, or enjoying an adorable lady head vase on your bureau every day?  Give a party and set your table with a retro tablecloth and vintage salt & pepper shakers or antique cups and saucers!  These are some of the reasons I love to buy and sell vintage everything, especially jewelry.  It gives you something that has so much character and beauty, but is fun and different from the modern jewelry of today.  These are pieces of vintage history, from the designer to the materials.  I've branched out into other categories because there are so many fun and funky accessories and home decor items out there!  I try to offer something for everyone at a great prices.
I am also a painter and interior designer; my interior design firm is Segal & Wilmot Design Consultants.  You can see some of my designs at Houzz.com.  Please email me with any questions about my shop on Etsy or design services at csegal6@comcast.net.  Thanks and have fun shopping!"

 Carol Segal

Our first is our own, Jordan Ellis of Jordandene this very lovely etsy shop

Jordan and her husband Joey

 "When I was little, I always wanted to be an artist. I learned how to sew in 4-H lessons with my cousins and drew all the time. By middle school I had kind of grown out of it and decided to focus on a more serious career path. After four years of college and two years in the working world, I realized I needed to get back into something creative. I started this shop and am now sewing full time from my home studio.

Being married to a giant nerd absolutely influences what I do. It helps that he's also a brilliant designer and teaches me everything I know about how to make things look good. I have the most fun combining antiquated items and techniques with modern culture, like the superhero aprons and sci-fi banners. I love doing dainty stitch work on things that are usually so masculine."

 Here are some samples of her amazingly unique work...

 We are very excited to have Jordan and all her awesome gifts at Artmore. Shes going to help people have truly unique gifts to give their friends and family.

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