Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Artmore's part in Hurricane Sandy Relief

Our thoughts and our prayers go out to those who were effected by Hurricane Sandy. Many lost power, homes, cars, and even family but they will not lose hope. America has come to their assistance. There are thousands of relief teams offering water, food,  heat, shelter, transportation and much more but what about emotional support? The victims of Hurricane Sandy need to laugh and play! Please help us bring some joy and dancing to New York and New Jersey this summer! 

Indigenous Pitch is a non for profit I have had the pleasure of working closely with for years now.  The people involved in IP, the founders, team member, board members, all of them  have truly touched my life and inspired me to  hope that I can be half as generous as they are. When natural disasters happen it is honestly devastating and of course the people living in these areas need food, water, shelter etc. however Indigenous Pitch does hurricane relief a little differently. They go to the areas of the disaster and offer a chance for the children of the community to attend a week long free dance camp. During these camps the children spend all day with Indigenous Pitch team members. They are fed, they learn how to dance, they do projects,  they have "free dance" sessions where they learn how to express them selves. 

Check out some of the pictures of past years.

New Orleans 2007-2009

Haiti 2010

Don't these children just melt your heart?

This summer, the plans are in motion to send Indigenous Pitch to the Jersey Shore and to New York to do the same for the children who were effected by Sandy. But we can't do it without your help! Artmore is going to be a huge player in sending them! So far we have almost $1000 raised before the fair even comes please please please do anything you can to bring people to Artmore! There are going to be door prizes, children's activities, and much more to raise money as well as some vendors have already agreed to give a percentage of their sales that day to IP. 

If you feel any desire to get involved in any way that you can please contact me personally by emailing

We greatly appreciate anything you can do and we look forward to seeing you on November 24th at 10 East Athens Ave. Ardmore PA

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