Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our next vendor AND coupon time!

Our next vendor comes to us from Upper Darby. Chelsea from Intriguedbeing has some neat designs and were excited to see her at Artmore this year.

"I have always been a creative person... In school I was that student that would have my notebook covered in drawings instead of history notes, always had markers, tape and ribbons but never pencils or pens. ... For whatever reason making and creating makes sense to me the most so that's just what I do

Much to my parents chagrin I continued along the creative path and studied dance in college all while making all sorts of things.  Now that I am graduated, I still dance some but I spend most of my days at a sewing machine!"

She has a little something for everyone... the kids, the men, the geeks, the home, the teen, the woman, and anyone else you can think of

You can find her facebook here:

and her  blog

and her twitter!/intriguedbeing...

and one last exciting thing! Bring in this coupon, ( or show it on your smart phone and receive %20 off anything from her store that day at Artmore!

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